Censorship In Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury

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Picture a world where Censorship is extreme and where people are simple minded, you might think “that’s different from our world, surely” but little do you know that this world and our world hold some surprising similarities as much as the obvious differences.

One difference between the book and our reality is different Government ; ours is against censorship while 451’s Government is getting rid of books in order to censor the people in the society, this is a difference because in the text it states on page 56 of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451“...rightful dread of being inferior; official censors, judges, and executors…” the main word is how things are being censored and our government is extremely opposed to censorship. Similarities between governments, our government and 451 government both regulate what we can and can’t do for example in the text it states that cars go extreme speeds, as regulated by the government, alike to how our government regulates the speeds of our freeways and how both of the Governments both try to “protect” its citizens, even if it’s unethical. …show more content…

The technology of 451 is far more advanced than ours an example of this is in page 17 “Well, this play comes on the wall-to-wall circuit…” This shows how much more advanced their technology is whether it’s small little been looking things or these parlors with “families” and the plays that the technology plays. A similarity between our world and 451 world’s, on page 87 it shows “Montag placed the bullet in his ear. The old man inserted a similar object in his own ear and moved his

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