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Chaol Westfall has gone through many things during his story that have changed him and the way he thinks. After what happened to Chaol, he has dealt with significant self-hatred and being embarrassed from becoming paralyzed. ““What about you? What do you deserve?” “Nothing. I deserve nothing”” (Maas 332). In this scene, Yrene asks him what he believes he deserves, and he truly believes that he does not deserve anything or anyone. Yrene however believes in him and kept believing in him until the end of the book. Yrene helping him helped him grow throughout the book from hating himself, to loving himself, and her in the process. “Too far. He had gone too far, and he’d never hated himself more, for wanting to pick a fight and being so gods-damned …show more content…

After he realized what he said, he begged her for forgiveness talking about how he could lose her, revealing how much he loved Yrene. His love for her helped drag him out of his pit of self hatred and he forced himself to stand on his healing legs to go to her, to comfort her. Chaol is also extremely protective of the people he loves, mainly the girl he loves, Yrene. “And then he informed them that if Yrene were harmed while he was gone, he’d shatter every bone in their bodies” (Maas 332). Chaol was leaving to train with the guards, and wanted to make sure that his loved one would safe. This line shows Chaol and Yrene’s growth over the course of the book and the course of their relationship from hating each other, to falling deeply in love. Yrene even expressed feeling safer with him than with guards at her home. “Only his back, utterly exposed, as he shoved Yrene away and took the full brunt of the Valg attack” (Maas 612). In this chapter, Chaol jumped in front of a deadly blast of power to save Yrene. This blast hit him in the spot that another had hit him in the battle before, destroying all the healing that had been done throughout the book, rendering his legs once again paralyzed, and later Chaol

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