Chapter Summary Of 1776 By David Mccullough

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1776, written by David McCullough is a very brilliant book that tells us an intense story about the individuals that had shared the march with General George Washington for the Declaration of Independence. The book is mainly about George Washington, the battles he fought with the English militia with untrained soliders. At the same time the book also expands the details about the opponent participants of the war. 1776 gives the reader a detailed picture of Washington’s life and marriage. Chapter 1 deals with the King of England George the III. He was against the American patriots rebelling against the British Government. New England has a very similar form of government but is has some difference. There is still monarchy with limited power, …show more content…

When the book was written he was 33 years old, who was a Quaker. Which was quite interesting because Quakers don’t fight. He came from Rhode Island. He never “knew of ware fare and military command came almost entirely from books”(20). Part one describes the scene at Boston and talks about the troops that are arriving at Boston which Washington is taking command of. The British controlled the center of the town, which was called the Charleston, and the patriots controlled the surrounding area. This chapter also talks about the troops that were set up in Boston. The American soldiers didn’t have a really neat or set up camp which caused them to have allotted of diseases. General Israel Putman was one of the bravest hero’s of the Bunker Hill battle. McCullough mentions that there are African American on both sides of the war with patriots and some with the British with the promise for freedom Washington had to deal with many problems with the army such as the enlistments, pay and more which resulted in fewer soldiers coming for war. Part two describes about Washington. It was said that Washington was with a slave at all times a black named William. Most of part 2 talks about schooling of Washington and pamphlet that he wrote. He married a wealth widow named Martha Dandridge Curtis. Washington knew he need the money and materials from the congress, so …show more content…

This chapter picks up from the point where the British had the victory over Boston and now they are moving to Newyork. Newyork was full of loyalist that supported the New England. New york city is refined b y the waters which makes it more easier for the New England’s to invade it. Washington wanted to defend the New England, as Newyork is a very powerful city. They set up cannons and many military equipment’s to defeat the British .New York had very rusty people. It also takes about Lee and he believes that in order for the Newyork to defeat the British fortifications has to be build. He demands Washington to be removed from the commanding position. The invasion in Canada was a total failure. Back in Newyork there was a talk about assassination of Washington. An immigrant named Thomas Hickey was behind that idea of assassination. The arrival of the British ships the Phoenix and the Rose. They were powerful ships and they were open fires and no damage was caused. This was sign that showed that the battle wasn’t going to end up well. British had a strong army but didn’t fight because they thought the patriots didn’t have enough resource to fight against them. This delayed the fight and gave them time after time. At last the British send a letter to George Washington in suggestion of surrender. More and more ships are coming in to attack and Washington believes that the major attack would

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