Character Analysis Of Mama Elena In Like Water For Chocolate

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As we seen in the novel in Like Water for Chocolate Tita had suffered immensely by her mother Mama Elena’s rage. On the other hand, “during the funeral, Tita really wept for her mother’s death.” During this chapter, we unravel the truth about why Mama Elena was so cruel to Tita her whole life, why she was so bitter and angry; and how Tita comes to terms about making peace with her mother. Tita was able to forgive her mother because she found out why her mother was always so cruel to her. While at her mother’s funeral Tita notices a key around mama Elena’s neck. Tita, “full of morbid curiosity, opened the box. It contained a diary and a packet of letters written to Mama Elena from someone named Jose Trevino…of her mothers love. Jose was the love of her life.” By discovering her mother’s deepest secret about her unforbidden love with José, it resembles the same love Tita has with Pedro, who is her first love. In some ways Tita and Mama Elena were both the same, other than them having a rocky relationship with each other. Tita while reading the letters she discovers that, “When Mama Elena’s…show more content…
They were both prisoners in their own life; forbidden to be with the ones they loved. Tita is realizing why her mother was always bitter and pushy; she lost someone that meant so much to her she couldn’t bear anyone else experience the love she couldn’t have. That is when Tita, “really wept for her mother. Not for the castrating mother who had repressed Tita her entire life, but for the person who had lived a frustrating love.” Knowing all
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