Character Analysis Of Tutu Max In The Book 'Blue Skin Of The Sea'

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The author uses multiple ways to develop characters in the book, Blue Skin of The Sea. For example, the character, Tutu Max, was developed in these ways. First of all, one way that a character is developed is by what they do. Chapter two of the book shows this by stating, “Tutu Max gave Uncle Raz a shove… into the water.” This shows that Tutu Max is a bully. Another way that an author uses to develop a character is by what another character says or feels about them. For example, the chapter also says that, “Uncle Harley said that Tutu Max is the nosiest person he knows.” This implies that people may not like or are annoyed at Tutu Max for always being too interested in other people’s affairs. The last way a character is developed is by what

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