Character Analysis: The Dark Knight Rises

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At the midpoint of The Dark Knight Rises, Bruce Wayne is at his lowest point. After having his back broken by Bane, Bruce was left in an underground prison while Gotham City descended into chaos. To most people, all hope would be lost. However, against all odds, Bruce spends the following months recovering, training and finally escaping the prison to confront Bane and save Gotham. Bruce’s tenacity and indomitable will in the months he spent in prison solidified him as one of the best super heroes ever created. While this was one defining moment in his history, there are many more across different mediums that complete Batman as a remarkably interesting character. One aspect of Batman’s character that remains in most iterations is his rule to not kill anyone. Witnessing the murder of his parents was a traumatic experience for Bruce as a child, which in turn led to his two major rules as Batman: to not use guns and to not kill. However, his creates a moral dilemma for Bruce…show more content…
Over the course of his appearances in multiple comics and movies, Bruce maintains affiliations with many characters ranging from villains to other heroes. One of the more interesting alliances Bruce maintains is with Superman, though not without its faults. While Bruce and Clark have been depicted as close friends in most series, there have been few where the two have opposed each other. An interesting conflict between the two comes from The Dark Knight Returns, where the two find each other at odds after most heroes were driven into retirement by the US government. However, this excludes Superman, who now works for the government. Bruce outsmarts and overpowers Superman in a brutal battle, but appears to die of a heart attack when in reality Bruce had faked his death. Bruce’s relationships, whether they’re on good terms or bad, remain a compelling piece of his
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