Character Review Of John Grogan's Marley And Me

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Dogs are the man’s best friend. They are your companions everywhere, they are willing to help us when we are troubled and most importantly, they are our stress-relievers. But what if it turns out to be the worst dog that you’ll ever have? Where it meets the reality rather than the expectation we have about them? Turning the pages of the autobiographical novel Marley and me, you begin to journey through a wild explorations, heartbreaking obstacles, funny experiences and emotional realities.

Marley and Me is a series of events of comedy and drama, which is all about a newlywed couple who are planning and at the time struggling to have a family. This novel is filled with flexible, well-developed characters that give life to the story. The storyline is told through the perspective of John Grogan, who also serves as the main character of the novel.

The story begins with John Grogan. He is a father and a husband to Jenny Grogan. He is a journalist but shifted to a columnist due to his boss’ order. He is very responsible to Marley as well as to Jenny. When they already have children, it was more challenging to him supporting his children and his wife, who is also struggling to take care of his children and to Marley, who is always destructive around the house. Moreover, when Marley starts to be weak and sick, John and his family should come up with a difficult decision or in their life, which to put Marley into peace. I was very sad to their decision because they could have just

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