The First Triumvirate In Ancient Rome

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The First Triumvirate is a term in the current Roman history of the first century BC. It is a convenient definition which is assumed to entitle the union of three men who control the government. “Triumvir” or “tresvir” means a member of a college of three members. It is known that there were duumviri, triumviri, decemviri, etc. groups of men appointed or elected to perform certain offices in relation to the state. However, the so-called First Triumvirate is comparable with these neither in origin, nor in function. It was illustrated by Roman Historians, like Titus Livy (59 BC- 17 AD), as a “conspiracy against the state by its three leading citizens”. The members of the First Triumvirate had a private agreement to help and support each other’s…show more content…
Licinius Crassus. During the civil war he also supported the optimate Sulla and that was actually the beginning of his public career. Thus, following Sulla's assumption of the dictatorship, Crassus amassed an enormous fortune through real estate speculation. Becoming one of the wealthiest men in Rome, and probably one of the richest men in all history, he was an important political and financial figure for the First Triumvirate.Although, Crassus and Pompey were colleagues in the consulship in 70 BC and they legislated the full restoration of the tribunate of the people, they had entertained a considerable dislike towards each other and believed that the other is trying to increase his own reputation at his colleague’s expense. However, Caesar succeeded to reconcile them as he saw that both, Pompey and Crassus had problems with the Senate during that time.Pompey’s problem was directly linked to the Senate. After he returned in Rome from fighting Mithridates, the king of Pontus, Pompey made two requests towards the Senate, but the Senate rejected both. Crassus’ struggle was with the Asian tax. No doubt, Caesar realised that he can benefit from that situation as his goal was to attain as much as…show more content…
He came from a senatorial noble family although his family reached their nobility in 141 BC. He grew up with interests in politics and the military. He supported the optimate Sulla in the civil war around 83 BC as an independent ally in the campaign to recover Rome and Italy from the Marians. He celebrated triumph when he defeated Marian forces in Northern Africa. Pompey fought and won against the populares under Sertorius in Spain after the death of the dictator. Together with Crassus, Pompey became consul in the year 70 BC. Pompey was chosen to fight the pirates in 67 BC. To coordinate the fight Pompey got extraordinary authorities. The biggest fleet in Rome was built by Pompey and he invented as well extraordinary strategies. In a few months he defeated the pirates. A big triumph was celebrated

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