Characteristics Of American Imperialism

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During the late 1800 of imperialism I saw the United States displaying cultural, economic, and military power. The United States specifically showed the strength of the United States military, protect shipping lanes, establishing United States military bases overseas, acquiring raw materials from new markets, and spreading belief in spreading democracy and Christianity. There are several reasons America showed us these characteristics. For example, during this time we showed Spain how strong our military was after they declared war on April 23,1898. To show them how strong we were, we declared war back on April 25,1898 to show how strong we can be to defeat them to take over Cuba from their rule. In addition, when we wanted Cuba we thought we were way more powerful then…show more content…
Also, when we went down to Cuba on the U.S.S Maine, United States just said that the ship was just their to protect shipping lanes, which it was, but we were also there to show them how strong, once again, we can be, and how strong and powerful we are compared to them. As we beat all of our competitors we continued to build U.S shipping bases to Guam, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, and kept expanding to the fullest. To conclude, there are several more reason how America showed how they expanded; however, what characteristics of expansionism do we see in present day? In present day the United States displays how we acquire raw materials form new markets, find markets for selling American goods, show the power of the United States military, and spread Christianity. To show, America is constantly acquiring new materials from markets daily. I mean, most things that we have in the United States are made in China. We acquire materials (products) from them everyday and sell them to the
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