Kurt Lewin's Democratic Leadership Style

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Leadership is a very important characteristic of an individual in any field or profession. Organizational communication is the implementation, analysis, and criticism of communication within the context of organizational purposes. Any working system must have a specific flow in order to maximize functionality. In a team composed of different individuals who possesses different sets of skills and background, a systematic approach in tasks must be implemented to avoid errors and to deliver the desired services and outcomes in accordance to the healthcare policy (Hersey, 1969).

There are several types of leadership according to an individual’s character and response to situations. In 1939, Kurt Lewin, a psychologist, and his team designed a …show more content…

Upon taking the quiz, the result concluded that I have a democratic style of leadership. Democratic leadership style is the second type of leadership discussed above, which allows the input of everyone to be taken into consideration when making decisions for the task. An individual with a democratic style of leadership must possess certain characteristics in order for the method to work properly for the group. Some of these qualities are honesty, intelligence, courage, creativity, competence, and fairness (Cherry, 2016). In order for democratic leaders to be able to lead the group effectively, he or she must gain the trust of the other members. The leader must also be there to boost the morale of the other members and inspire them to be more creative and speak out their ideas to spark an intense discussion. Although theoretically speaking, a democratic style of leadership seems like the best style because everyone participates and has equal say in the project, there are also certain conditions that will allow this style to be effective, and otherwise, the outcome will not be as great. Time-sensitive projects should not be lead using this style especially if the group members do not have all the skills and knowledge to be given their own specific subtask and make decisions for the whole …show more content…

In my opinion, a good leader must be open to criticism and welcome discussion from the opposing view in order to gauge the situation properly on all angles. A team leader must be able to encourage creativity, critical thinking among his or her members, and guide them throughout the task without taking away the members’ rights to learn by spoon-feeding them. The leader must also have a quick thinking pace and enough knowledge about what needs to be done, and if any question from the group shall arise, the leader must be able to provide them with a well-explained answer. Also, aa good team leader must be responsible for his or her team member’s actions, which is why another important characteristic of a leader is knowing how to handle the other members and be able to keep them in line when they start to get sidetracked (Martindale,

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