Charles 'Charles': A Character Analysis Of Charles

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The character from the story Charles named Laurie ( protagonist ) seems like a sweet boy and a stereotypical boy who go to kindergarten and sing along to nursery rhymes , but due to kids today and the way things media gives them and the way they entertain has a big impact on the younger children to grow up faster .when the story starts to describe him things take a turn. He portrays many awful traits such as barbaric , secretive and self absorbed.

First , Throughout the story Laurie shows disrespectful behaviors , this is shown when Laurie 's family sits down to eat lunch and Laurie 's says to his father " look up look down at my thumb gee you 're dumb" . The fact that he can tell his father something like that and call him dumb tells for a fact that Laurie doesn 't have any respect …show more content…

He constantly talks about how Charles has so much swagger although he is constantly getting in trouble ." Today Charles hit the teacher " . " He was awfully fresh". Laurie 's parents don 't seem suspicious in any way .But Laurie was secretly doing all these horrible things at school but he was scared that he would get in trouble so he told his parents that another kid named Charles was doing these things that he is doing at school. Laurie 's parents were very concerned about Charles since everyday he seemed to get in trouble . Charles was bad again " the teacher said not to play with him but everyone did". [shirley 65 ] This part states to his parents that he wants to be more like [charles] because he is In kindergarten so acting like a rebel is apparently cool [fresh]. In the beginning of the story it shows Laurie always mentions Charles as if he was a kid that goes to school and has many friends due to his coolness [fresh] . At the parent and teacher meeting Charles mother finds out that Charles isn 't a real kid . " We don 't have any Charles in

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