Charter Of Rights Reflection

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Another interesting lesson, was learning about the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom. The Canadian Charter of Rights, are a list of rights all Canadians are intended to have. The Canadians Charter of Rights affects all Canadian citizens, regardless of age, gender and religion. As long as you are a Canadians, you can be any race, age, gender and believe in any religion or no religion, and the Charter of Rights still apply to you. This is because you are a Canadians citizen and you have the rights to the things listed on the Charter. The Canadian Charter of Rights is certainly important, as all Canadians citizens must be treated according to the Charter. All Canadian citizens have the right to take action, if they are not treated according to the…show more content…
This is because political thinking will teach us the rights we have. We must thank politicians, as they are the main reason why many people have equality and freedom today. Some countries around the world still need equality and freedom, and I believe it will become possible thanks to the great politicians. It is important for every student to learn about civics, as it will teach them more about the political part of life. Civics will also give students awareness about the civic issues that are happening around them. This course will expand students’ minds on how to solve civic issues. Students will also discover about the rights they hold, by taking this course. Personally, this course taught me about the different levels of governments (municipal, provincial, and federal). It also taught me which level of government to contact, depending on the situation. I believe this is important information for all students to learn, as it may come useful in the future. In conclusion, taking this civic course expanded my knowledge about the political affairs of the world, and it will also expand other students’ minds

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