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China Airlines (CAL) played a major role in the circumstances leading to the accident. The findings related to the probable causes identify elements that have been shown to have operated in the accident, or almost certainly to have operated in the accident.

1. The Corrosion Prevention and Control Program scheduling deficiencies in the CAL maintenance inspection practices were not identified by the Civil Aeronautics Administration audits.

CAL might have to review the self-audit inspection procedures to ensure that all the mandatory requirements for continuing airworthiness, such as CPCP, are completed in accordance with the approved maintenance documents.

2. The permanent repair of the tail strike was not accomplished in accordance
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CAL should review the record keeping system to ensure that all maintenance activities have been properly recorded.

5. There was a problem in communication between Boeing Commercial Airplane Company and CAL regarding the tail strike repair in 1980. The Boeing Field Service Representative would have seen the scratches on the underside of the aircraft. However, the opportunity to provide expert advice on a critical repair appears to have been lost, as there are no records to show that the Field Service Representative had a role in providing advice on the permanent repair.

CAL might have to re-assess the relationship with the manufacturer’s field service representative to actively seek assistance and consultation from manufacturers’ field service representatives, especially in maintenance and repair operations. Boeing reassesses the role of the field service representative such that a more pro-active and problem solving consultative effort can be achieved.

6. As demonstrated in the case of CI611, the accident aircraft had a serious hidden structural defect. High-frequency eddy current inspection is not able to detect cracks through a doubler. The crack would still not be detected if external high-frequency eddy current had been used for structure inspection. Therefore, a more effective non-destructive structural inspection

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