Choctaw Dbq

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Many nationalities came to America in hopes of a better life for them and their families. However, it was not easy time for them after arriving in America. Each nationality encountered obstacles, some more difficult than others, but in the end they each persevered.

One nationality that experienced a considerable amount of difficulties were the Native Americans. There may have been over 2 million Indian people living in what is now the United States (Olson & Beal p.18). It is when the European settlers began migrating to the United States and taking the Native American lands that the conflict between the groups started. They were viewed as a less superior race and referred to as savages.

The Indian Removal Act of 1830 made it possible to …show more content…

During this forced migration more than 2,500 Choctaws died from exposure and starvation ( In 1747-1750 the Choctaws experienced the Choctaw Civil War, it was recorded as being the most catastrophic event in Choctaw history ( with The Colonizers). The loss of so many members of their tribe left them severely …show more content…

They come from rural areas, have few job skills, and speak little English ( and Assimilation). Younger Cambodians struggle with identity problems and there is often a division between the younger and older generations ( A good number of Cambodian American families are headed by female which is a contributor to their poverty ( and Community Dynamics).

It is hard to say which group had the most difficult time overcoming obstacles. Many of them had just wanted to better the lives of their families and thought they could do so in America. It is sad they were met with hostility instead of acceptance and assistance. Their sacrifices did not go to waste as the various groups have come a long way in being accepted and ensuring a positive future for future

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