Chris Mccandless The Wild Pride Analysis

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Samuel Rogers Anger and Arrogance Christopher McCandless was a young man that graduated from Emory University. He was an outstanding student, as well as an athlete. He donated all of his savings to charities and abandoned most of his possessions. He took on a different lifestyle than from before. He picked up and left behind everything that would not help him along his journey. Leaving his old identity behind, he started going by the name Alexander Supertramp. He became a very independent person and set one goal for himself, which was to get to Alaska and live a simple life off the land. On his journey, he spent a lot of his time learning from those around him. Eventually he met his goal and reached Alaska, however, I do not believe that he knew this adventure was going to end as it did. He lived off the land for many weeks and as time passed, …show more content…

It was said that he donated all of his savings to charities and left behind the majority of his belongings. He could have used this money to help during his travels. Especially at the points where he was struggling. This action ultimately might have cost him his life. On his journey to Alaska, he met many people that had the same values, not only that, they were able to teach him skills that he had not known before. The friendships that he formed with these people were special. Chris’s arrogance seemed to step in when he was in one place too long. Due to that, he would up and leave without consideration for those he left behind. When he left, many of his relationships that he formed seemed to be hurt, yet Chris was unfazed by it. It was a path of destruction that followed behind him as he travelled. When he was close to death, I believe that he realized the things he did were not right. One of the last things recorded in his writing was that,“happiness is only real when shared.” I think his anger and arrogance kept him from seeing this truth sooner.

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