God Must Be Done When He Strengthens Me Essay

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eagle! God will do the same in your life! We must give away old memories, old habits and old struggles. God will strengthen you to do what must be done! He strengthens through prayer, he strengthens through the word, he strengthens through worship and he strengthens through fellowship! He will strengthen you! Paul had been through so much in his life, shipwrecks, stonings, beating with rods, prisons, hunger, thirst, often in the deep, beatings, punishments. But he said, “I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me!” The thing that must be done! The obstacle that must be faced! The challenge that must be meet! I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me!” There will be “things” this new year that you and I will have to deal with! But I want you always to remember, “You…show more content…
You are saved! Past part! You are being saved! Present part! and You shall be saved! A future part! You are saved from the penalty of sin! Justification! We are justified by faith! The right standing because of Jesus! You are being saved from the power of sin. That is sanctification! Every day God is sanctifying me! Setting me apart! And you shall be saved from the presence of sin. That is glorification! One day I shall be like Him! It does not appear what we shall be! But when we shall see Him! We shall be Ike him! Thank God for the past, present and future tenses of our salvation! You see that is why you or I do not have to be a perfectionist! Some people are looking for perfection! A perfect mate! A perfect job! A perfect pastor! A perfect family! When there is no such thing! Jesus said in Matthew 5:48, “Be perfect as your Father which is in Heaven is perfect!” (I Peter 5:10) after you have suffered a while, He will make you perfect.” Jesus is teaching that you can always find somebody who is not as powerful as you and use them as a standard! But make Father God the standard! Be as perfect as the Father is! He is the

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