Christian Worldview Research Paper

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at all? How do we know what is right and wrong? What is the meaning of human History?” (Shelly, 2006 p. 33). Just as Christianity there are many stories and themes other than the Bible in Hinduism there is, “no single scripture but many,” that can be used (The Heart of Hinduism, 2004). For Christians, “the answers to these questions come from the stories, themes and patterns found in the Bible. For the Hinduism the answers to the worldview questions can be found in the, “Vedad and their corollaries” (The Heart of Hinduism, 2004).
Christian Worldview As a Christian the answers to the seven questions regarding worldview can be found in the Bible. As Shelly states, “prime reality is God, who created and sustains all things” (2008 p.33). As

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