Christopher Columbus's Impact On Canadian And American Studies

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The Western World has significantly impacted Canadian and American studies today because of Christopher Columbus, the competition between city states, and the fall of China. To begin with, Christopher Columbus’s expedition was one of the main factors that began European colonization. During his voyages, Columbus had developed a diverse perspective and a more knowledgeable understanding from the lands he discovered such as Hispaniola and other caribbean countries. As Columbus himself mentioned in one of his letters, his exploration led to many spices and great mines of gold and of other metals. Not only that, there were many valuable resources that were introduced to the Europeans that were things like rich spices, silk, vegetables and animals. In this case, this gave Europe access to exports that they could take advantage of and use for themselves to expand their nations, …show more content…

Furthermore, Europe had established a large-scale economic system which over time contributed to Europe’s increasing economy. Europe at the time had nothing special to export, so the managing between trade and competition that was occurring between nations within Europe and big contributors like India, China, and Southeast Asia resulted to lots of wealth. In other words, competition between nations and city-states allowed there to be a great motivation to wanting more gold and silver, which was thrived for. So the use of markets and continuous technological advances allowed the competition to grow, which led to motivation, which lastly led to more income right in Europe's pocket. Flourishing in wealth gave Europe another great source of power and focus. Finally, one of the most significant factors to why Europe arose was because of the fall of China. Undeniably, China was far advanced and wealthier than any country in Europe for thousands of years. In this secondary

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