Christopher Mccandless Explanation Of Happiness Essay

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They say that you will never truly understand the beauty of life until you experience it yourself. You won’t be able to discover what it is that you love until you have done the things that you have imagined. You would get a large variety of answers if you asked everyone what the definition of happiness was. However, they would most likely be something similar to living a long, healthy, and blissful life. Our own meanings of happiness are bound to be diverse because we’re all so different. I think that Christopher McCandless’ explanation of happiness would have been plain simple. He simply wanted to just find himself. He just wanted to be Alexandar Supertramp, not someone his parents wanted him to be, nor someone society expected him to be. He wanted the primitiveness of life itself, the beauty of nature, and freedom from what society tells us is necessary in order to survive. Christopher was not insane, ‘lost’, or suicidal when he decided to leave everything behind to venture to Alaska. To many, Christopher was ‘lost’ in every sense. Many believed that his future wasn’t going anywhere it should have headed. He chose to make a contribution to a charity with the money that was in his college fund, casted off all his family, and began a trip all over instead of doing ‘normal things’ he should have been …show more content…

This makes his story more heartbreaking in my opinion. Because he was carrying numerous forms of ID on him, he unmistakably wasn’t planning on deserting society forever; he wanted to return hopefully someday. Perhaps he would have written a book about his whereabouts or what he grasped about the significance of life while absorbed in the wild. Maybe he would have justified why he never contacted his parents. Although Chris inspired many people from his Alaskan expedition, he could have inspired so many more if he had survived. However, no one probably would have known his story if he had

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