Chuck Klosterman Belief Essay

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The Importance of Being Hated by Chuck Klosterman mainly focuses on the importance of having. Klosterman says that there are two types of enemies 1) “nemesis: you kind of like your nemesis, despite the fact that you despise him and 2) archenemy: you hate the archenemy so much that you try to keep your hatred a secret, for you don’t what to give your archenemy the satisfaction of being hated” (Klosterman par 2). Klosterman states that “we measure ourselves against our nemesis, and we long to destroy our archenemies” (Klosterman par 1). He also points out that people who don’t have enemies and surround themselves with allies are losers and failures in life because “they don’t realize that life is--almost without exception--an absolute …show more content…

Benjamin Franklin was a great man that had influences in many areas and because of that he had many enemies but because he understood human behavior he enabled himself to turn enemies into allies. To understand the Benjamin Franklin effect you need to know that the things you do often create the things you believe. An example is when “Franklin ran for his second term as a clerk, one of his colleagues delivered a long speech to the legislature lambasting Franklin. Franklin still won his second term, but this guy truly pissed him off. So he set out to turn his hater into a fan, but he wanted to do it without paying any servile respect to him. Franklin’s reputation as a book collector and library founder gave him a standing as a man of discerning literary tastes, so Franklin sent a letter to the hater asking if he could borrow a selection from his library. The rival, flattered sent it right away. A week later Franklin sent it back the collection with a thank you note” (McRaney par). Franklin later stated that the hater became a lifelong

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