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Straight from the east side of Scotland is where Cinqo Slash, full-blood Mexican who grew up in Scotland. Cinqo lived in an orphanage in Oxgangs which was known as a 'unit '. However, at this point in Cinqo 's life he was known by the alias of 'Soapy '. Cinqo didn 't feel like he was living the life he wanted due to being the only different person in Scotland, because all the other kids had a 'stabby stabby ' attitude about them; always caring blades, you could spot them a mile away, Nike and Adiddas tracksuits, joints hanging out their mouths as the pollute the streets with their 'waccy bacci '. With Cinqo living in a unit and not a real father figure to teach him how to be a man, he was gathered into a gang, a feared gang among the parts he stayed, passed down by their pre-accesors; they called it Bar-OX, we called it mYo. Cinqo ran with this gang for his entire teenage stage of his life, one day however, he decided that he wanted to feel at home. He done some research on where he came from and found his family on the internet; Son of Daveeta Jet-ffiner and son of…show more content…
He managed to track them down, with the help of a nerdy guy he knew called 'Robbie ', to a place called 'Los Santos '.

Cinqo began earning money for his journey home, he was out robbing shops, taxing dealers and earning money from walking a dog, he had to look innocent. Cinqo eventually earned enough money to book a flight over to Los Santos flying directly into Los Santos
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