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In the United States our government is broken up into many different parts. The biggest is of course the national government. The national government is comprised of the Executive branch, Legislative branch, and Judicial branch. These three compartments of government work together to approve the laws, make the laws, and enforce the law. After that power is trickled down to the state and local government. Most of the time the State and Local government is what most people will deal with when there are problems or things that they want to change. One of the most basic forms for local movement is the city council. The city councilmen and the mayor comprise of a team that works to keep their city safe and functional for the people living in their …show more content…

Once role was called mayor, Mary Parham-Copelan, prayed for the meeting. After prayer, everyone then faced the flag and recited the Pledge of Allegiance. After that then they started to go through what the meeting was about. It started with an awards ceremony. At first Mayor Mary Parham-Copelan declared April 22nd through April 28th to be Georgia cities week in Milledgeville. Carly Shultz was given the Georgia cities week proclamation. Some local law enforcement and the Milledgeville Police Department were recognized for lowering the rate of fatalities caused by impaired drivers. They were also recognized at the 14th annual mothers against drunk driving in the Cobb Galleria Centre for reducing the amount of fatalities caused by these drunk drivers. Officer Ryan Chapel was also recognized under the Milledgeville Police Department and presented an award by the mayor for having 25 D.U.I. arrests in 2017. In the Milledgeville Police Department Ryan Chapel had the most amount of D.U.I arrests this past year. The next award that was presented was the statewide agency of the year award. The Milledgeville Police Department has won that now two years in a row. The Chief of the Police Department came up and received this award on behalf of the department. The last award that was given out at this meeting was the Golden Achievement Award. Lieutenant Renaye Grey was the recipient. This Award is given out to someone who displays expertise in the field of traffic safety, D.U.I prevention, and or community intervention. Lieutenant Renaye Grey also works for The Special Victims Unit. After all the awards were given out one of the council members said that Milledgeville has the best Police Department in the state of Georgia. The first resolution in the city council meeting was resolution R1804-019, which would authorize an amendment to the tower

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