Checks And Balances Of The Constitution Essay

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How did the Constitution of The United States of America keep America from being a tyrannical government? They used a multitude of different methods such as checks and balances,federalism, separation of powers, and equal representation of states. These systems and branches are essential for the government, because unlike England where they have a monarch or a tyrant such as King George the third. While we have a group of men who govern the same as England but instead of what the ruling power says goes America asks the citizens what they want before they give a bill or a law to help the common good with doing to best good for the greatest number. What the Founders of our nation put in place was very complex but simple at the same time, they used a system of checks and balances. Checks and balances is a system to keep the 3 branches of government in line and not have too much power over another branch, its like a big game of rock, paper, scissors. An example of how checks and balances were used is like if congress passes a law that the president …show more content…

The Legislative branch is Congress, the have the house of representatives which is based on the state’s population and the senate which has two senators for each state. The Legislative branch makes bills and laws that get sent to the president to be put into action. The Executive branch is the president and his cabinet, The Executive branch makes sure the laws are enforced, but if it isn’t approved it can be sent back to congress using checks and balances. Then the Judicial branch is the Supreme court and other lower courts like the state and local courts, what they do is deal out what needs to be done to those that break the law. They also use checks and balances where if the president and congress passes a law the Judicial branch can send it back because the can say it’s

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