Civil Liberties And Civil Rights Essay

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Rajan Sharma Professor Sherry Sharifian GOVT 2302 30 Sept 201
Civil liberty is a freedom of citizen to use and apply their rights, as a speech or assembly without any interference of government. Civil liberty includes freedom of speech, freedom of autocratic arrest, freedom of movement, freedom of assembly, freedom of religious worship, etc. Similarly, “Civil Rights” is defined as the rights granted by Government for the protection of citizens in order to provide them equal rights, freedom and end up the discrimination.
Civil Liberties and civil rights are the most important terms that are made in the constitution under the influence of different laws and rights. The term civil liberties and civil rights are pretty similar to each other in many factors. They both are made for the citizen of nations to provide them proper right and equality. In the United States, freedom of citizen cannot be diminished or take away by government without due process of law. Likewise, civil rights give emphasis for right to get …show more content…

This kind of domination between the citizens has created a lot of problems. Because of this people are not getting their proper rights and freedom even the government is working on these problems. In such a case, civil liberties have an amazing role to implement the right to the citizen, so they can have the sense of freedom and equality. Moreover, civil rights talk about the right of equality in every aspect. At present these kinds of laws and right are implemented in numbers. Before citizens were the big victim of lack of proper rights and liberty. The government was not good enough to bring the proper civil rights and liberty due to which citizen used to face lots of problems and issues. So, civil liberties and civil rights are the major crucial factors to live a real, respectful, freedom life without any discrimination and

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