Civil War Clara Summary

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Clara began her newest occupation immediately, with the help of an instructor, who demonstrated the proper approach for several machines. As the weeks began to mold together, Clara 's knowledge increased as well as her ambition, her desire to learn as much as possible became unconcealable. During an examination, Mr. Samuel Parsons, noticed excessive heat orginating from a machine. To inspect the machine, he inserted his arm to lift the machine to investigate the main cause, and almost immediately his arm was enveloped in flames.17Mr. Parsons fled from the building in terrifying screams as the fire raged on, and in a matter of three hours, nothing was left behind. Clara 's heart was heavy with disappointment, her newest adventure was over. In 1838, Clara decided to become a teacher, and continued the occupation for twelve years in both Canada and western Georgia. …show more content…

The majority of the letters were left ignored due to soilders being labeled as "missing," with no one searching for them, or bodies never being recovered from battlefields and being identified. As she became further informed, the determination inside provoked her to do something in order to help the relatives of the men who fought for our country. Immediately, Clara began communications with Abraham Lincoln, in order to establish permission to officially respond to these lingering inquiries. Once granted authorization, "The Search for the Missing Men" commenced.19 The entire summer of 1865 was spent assisting in locating, identifying, transporting, and holding funerals for over thirteen-thousand individuals from Georgia. Not all soilders were left moratally wounded, numerous soilders had been incredibly injured, unable to communicate their identity to others, some lost, held captive by enemy confederates, or simply couldn 't endure the experiences

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