Civil War Letter B Analysis

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Thinking about life, the eternal battle of bad versus good might come up. And why not? Life does have several ups and downs. Not everything goes as planned, yet, at times, happy endings simply happen to fall in your lap. It’s almost as if there is a balance; a cosmic scale of these two extremes, if you will. Symbolizing this train of thought is the letter “B,” not only is B the leading letter of balance, but the shape of the letter itself appears to be pools of good and bad tethered together.
Often times, a person can find themselves in undesirable situations. For example, the Union during the Civil War. The battle of Gettysburg rages on and leads to the death of tens of thousands of soldiers on both sides. General Lee, Confederate, “lost more than a third of his men” ( General Meade, Union, had a “loss of one-quarter of his men” ( Although there were was a …show more content…

The letter B is usually written with the two bulbous shapes equally drawn, but handwritten, the letter has some variation where the bottom curve is bigger than the top. A similar circumstance includes joy and depression, you can’t have one without the other, and in particular moments, one outweighs the other. It’s the universe’s way of reminding us that we need to feel the full spectrum of emotions. I, personally, have experienced one of these hollow-hearted moments, generally called depression. Life was pleasing; I felt included by my friends and I was content. But, almost instantly, I spiraled down to the pit of depression where I felt shut out and, in turn, shut people out. No matter how much I pushed against these dark feelings, there was just too much of it, so it snuffed out the light. A conclusion can be drawn of a probable uneven weight on one end, much like the curves of the letter

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