Civil War Turning Point Essay

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The American Civil War, which lasted from 1861 to 1865, was an important turning point in American history. It was a conflict between the Union, or northern states, and the Confederacy, or southern states. The problem of slavery and its extension into other territories was the fundamental cause of the Civil War. The American Civil War was the most crucial event because it preserved the United States as a single nation and ended slavery, which had split the country since its founding. The Union's major goal was to keep the United States together, but the Confederacy wanted to create a split in which slavery would be permitted. ‘’The Civil War was America's bloodiest and most divisive conflict, pitting the Union Army against the Confederate States of America.'' ("American Civil War: Causes, Dates, and Battles.", A&E Television Networks.) Several battles occurred during the war, including the Battle …show more content… says that ‘’Slavery was concentrated mainly in the southern states by the mid-19th century, where slaves were used as farm laborers, artisans, and house servants.'' The conflict also promoted northern industrialization and increased the federal government's influence. The Civil War marked the end of one era and the beginning of another in American history. It was a devastating and costly struggle that claimed hundreds of thousands of lives and left a lasting impact on American civilization. We may still have slavery today if the Civil War had not occurred. Nobody stood up for their rights. These Civil War teachings continue to affect the country's politics and culture, reminding us of the need for unity as well as the need for comfort and

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