Clara Barton: A Brief Biography

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Clara Barton Who is Clara barton? What has she done? Clara has done many things throughout her life. Some of the many things include her wonderful work in the U.S government. Another thing that was very unique about her was her loving and amazing nature. Clara made several things possible for the United States health. Clara was an ordinary child who become one of the most spectacular women in our history. Clara Barton’s early life began like most. Clara was born unto Stephan and Sarah Barton on December 25th, 1821. Her full name is, “Clarissa Harlowe Barton” (Pryer page 3) After her late paternal aunt. She was born in a small town in Massachusetts. During the 1800’s, it was known as the Puritan times. Clara was therefore born in the Puritan times. The Puritans were similar to the pilgrims, and came from England. According to Pryor, “Clara had four older siblings. Dorothy, Stephan, David, and …show more content…

Her mother is known for her independent and “spicy” nature. Clara’s father, “Captain Stephen Barton, was a businessman and huge community leader,” (Clara barton birthplace museum). He served in several wars. One of the most notable wars he served in is the Indian War. Clara was often told about the Indian War, and the wonderful stories that came with it. It is said that because of her father’s courageous acts and stories, Clara changed her field into nursing and later became known as the Angel of The Battlefield. Part of the reason Clarissa changed her idea was when she was only eleven years old, and “her brother David fell of the roof of a barn during a barn raising accident. David was treated by a doctor but needed care around the clock. This in which Clara gave him. She nursed David as though she was caring for a baby bird. Clara had to nurse him and take care of him for nearly two years! Hydrotherapy was used to cure David.”

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