Clinical Experience In Nursing Home

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Clinical are part of your nursing classes that you must complete before you can graduate or even pass on to the next course. Every class varies from the location of the clinical, skills involved, and amount of hours you complete in order to move on. My first class that I had a clinical in was Foundations of Nursing which had to be completed in a nursing home so you can learn the basic care for a patient. The nursing home my instructor choose was Capitol Hill, a state funded nursing home. My first day was on a Thursday. We were told to be there at 0630, but my anxiety had me so nervous that I left my house at 0500. Needless to say it only took me 30 minutes to get there so I was there an hour early. I finally worked up enough courage to step …show more content…

I had never seen a tracheotomy in real life, much less cared for someone with one. I can still hear the sound of her trying to cough and being so congested she could not get anything up. It sounded just like a deep dog bark along with the water humidifier on the oxygen tank bubbling I could hardly hear myself contemplate. She would look at me as if she were miserable. She had recently lost control of all of her emotions, salivary glands, and careless movements. Every time I would go in the room to check vitals, bathe, or change her, she would just have this deep stare that really frightened me. Her mom would bring her flowers once to twice a week and the smell would linger throughout the room, when I would open her door it was like a breath of fresh spring air. In conclusion, my first clinical experience was scary and a learning experience all in one. My patient and I ended up forming a magnificent relationship where she would allow me to do her hair and suction her tracheotomy. I also learned how to apply my skills and be confident in my work. Capitol Hill Nursing home formed my first nursing experience into one I will never forget and it also showed me I stand capable of doing more than I ever thought possible. I will forever remember these memories I

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