Cloning Persuasive Essay

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The world we live in is one of the best places to live as well as one of the worst. While life has been found only on Earth and can only exist here (as current research suggests), we are taking advantage of this unique situation. Between increasing the human population and decreasing the plant and animal populations, as well as using large amounts of nonrenewable sources, we are slowly threatening the quality of our planet. One of the more specific ways we are endangering our planet is by reducing the amount of biodiversity. This is more commonly called genetic engineering, which is the artificial transfer of genes from different species. We have been able to modify organisms by using biotechnology, and while it has its positive effects, there are negative ones too. In a cell you can find a nucleus, and inside the nucleus are strands of DNA. DNA is composed of individual genes, and these genes are what make everyone unique in our species. In the past century, scientists have discovered how to alter the composition and position of these genes, and this is called genetic engineering. Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have undergone a process of altering the structure and nature of genes in organisms. This is done using techniques like molecular cloning and transformation. GMOs were originally created to change the nutritional value of foods …show more content…

Most commonly mentioned is pesticide resistance. Pesticide resistance is when insects and harmful weeds become resistant to certain herbicides. In turn, the farmers of the crop have to buy and/or create stronger substances to repel the dangerous pests. The cycle then repeats itself with the same or different insects and weeds growing tolerant of the newer pesticide. Scientists do not yet know the long-term effects in all cases. However, it has been proven that genetically modifying organisms results in increased toxins and

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