Should Genetic Engineering Be Allowed

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What was once an unrealistic idea has slowly started to become a reality; genetic engineering. To have the ability to decide what your future child’s eye color, height, hair color, or if it will have any life changing diseases is an absurd thought that has come possible. Genetic engineering is the deliberate modification of the characteristics of an organism by manipulating its genetic material. Although Genetic engineering is becoming a reality it should not be allowed because it will be extremely expensive allowing only the wealthy to obtain it giving them an even greater advantage, people will become less unique and a possibility of eugenics crisis. The biggest concern about genetic engineering is the risks. Scientists have already used it on embryos, but have never nurtured those embryos into a child. Hypothetically nothing should be wrong with the child because it modified to be ‘perfect’, but for all we know alternating the DNA might have effects later down the line for the child. Humans have already modified things in our world, not through genetic engineering though, but trial and error. Two of those things are crops and dogs. Through trial …show more content…

Scientist are also still trying to understand genes and their codes and scientist should understand genes completely before they begin full-blown research on real humans. Genetic engineering has the opportunity to play a serious role in everybody 's life. Imagine if children all had the same health opportunities, no inheritable diseases or cancer or any other life changing issues. That should be the limit though for genetic engineering, any other purposes beyond that should be outlawed. Reasons why I have already explained but another important reason is, natural selection. Through natural selection we see new qualities that make us unique and ultimately,

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