Summary: The Ethics Of Designer Babies

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Should parents be given the opportunity to select traits for their children? According to “The

Ethics of Designer Babies”, there are at least 11 cons about the ability to design babies. Many

people believe it shouldn’t be allowed because the babies are a mix of the two parents, and

shouldn’t be some genetically modified human. “Life Science” states that if parents start

modifying their children to be the best they came be, that generation is going to be pretty

similar to one another. They would also take jobs from people who are not genetically

modified and basically kill off the non-modified human race. I don’t believe that we should be

allowed to modify our children. Parents made a decision to mix their traits and should let nature …show more content…

It’s pretty sad that parents would even think about doing something like this

because they would rather have the best child. “The Ethics of Designer Babies” states that it

increases human life by 30 years. By 2050, the world’s population will be 9.6 billion people. If

we increase human life with no chance of disorders or diseases, that’s only going to increase the

population. They also state that they can guarantee the outcome will be a complete success

because if one small thing goes wrong, the embryo can be accidentally terminated. Also the

technology isn’t 100% safe yet as it’s only in the experimental stage still. Therefore I don’t think

we should be allowed to genetically modify our children because there’s a greater possibility of

accidentally “killing” the offspring than having them as the parents mix of their own

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