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Emerson Miranda APUSH 03 - 12 - 2018 P5 Short Answer Rewrite 2.) The Cold War lasted for around 45 years. Throughout these years many U.S Presidents have come and gone, but the President that made the most significant impact during the Cold War would be John F. Kennedy. To start, the Cold War wasn’t at all a physical war between two countries that were using soldiers and military weapons. In reality, it was a geopolitical tension/war between two power countries in the Eastern bloc (USSR),and the Western bloc (United States). Both countries the U.S and USSR took part due to having different ideologies. Due to the fact that the U.S had been a capitalist country, and on the other hand the USSR being a communist country. At that time …show more content…

And for me John F. Kennedy had the most significant impact in the war. As a president he was not willing to back down against the Soviets and continued as a strong leader. Due to this, President Kennedy was able to avoid a full scale nuclear war against the Soviets. Demonstrated his leadership skills in tough situations such as the Cuban missile crisis. The Cuban missiles crisis was a confrontation between the U.S and USSR about the concern of ballistic missiles deployment in Italy & Turkey, with Soviets stacking ballistic missiles in Cuba. Also the way that President John F. Kennedy was able to make a treaty, Limited Nuclear Test Ban Treaty on July 25, 1963. between the U.S and USSR to make sure both sides aren’t testing nuclear weapons in open air or in the …show more content…

The USSR had ended in 1991 due to the fact that the last leader for the Soviets, Mikhail Gorbachev, resigned from his position as President. Making the 45 year long Cold War come to and end, making it for the U.S a tremendous success for them. The Cold War was not a physical war at all by having any country invading another, and the use of soldier/military weapons. In reality it was geopolitical tension between the U.S and Soviet Union about different ideologies. The U.S being a capitalist country and USSR a communist country and both having their different beliefs between one another, sparking some tension. Also the way that USSR was trying to spread their ideology thought Europe and Asia such as; Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Africa, Cuba, etcc. Making the U.S not a fan of the Soviets intention and becoming more against the Soviets. But after 45 years of the Cold War Soviet Union had come to an end making it a victory for the U.S. Countries that once before were in control by the Soviet Union had now gainde independence and were able to do as they want and follow their own believes. Countries that had become independent were; Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Albania, etc… This cause for free open market between the new countries forming by allowing for those countries to be able to take part in trading with the E.U and countries following the ideology of democracy rather than communism. And

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