College Admissions Essay: My Freshman Year Of My Life

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Since freshman year, I struggled with my grades. I've never been the smartest or fastest person in school, but I am very hardworking when it comes to homework and classwork. I try my absolute best and even when I get discouraged I pick myself up and try again. Freshman year my mom was getting surgeries for her cancer, I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety, and my parents and I were having a very rough patch. I faced abuse as a young adult from my father which left me with very hard memories and stress to get over. Up until senior year, I struggled with school because I felt like the world turned against me in every way. I couldn’t get out of my bubble of depression, I kept on replaying my father’s abuse in my head over and over every day non-stop. …show more content…

My second semester of junior year is when things went downhill. I had a relapse with my cutting addiction and ended up having to go to Lutheran General Memorial Hospital a week after we took our ACT’s for the first time. Again I felt like the world was completely against me, I just didn’t want to be here anymore. I hated junior year with a burning passion. After my episode of craziness I started having family problems again, my family wouldn’t stop asking me why I would do something like that (cutting myself) and what put the cherry on top of the cake, my parents told their parents and their parents told everyone they know about what happened to me. If all of this chaos wasn’t enough, I got strep throat the week before semester finals and had to miss the entire week. My grades went from B’s and C’s to D’s and

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