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The brain is the most complex and magnificent organ of the human body. It controls the muscle movements, the secretions of glands,breathing and internal temperature. Every creative thought, feeling, and plan is developed by the brain. The brain acts as the body’s control center. The human brain can be divided into the forebrain, mid-brain and hind-brain. The cerebellum and brain stem constitute the hind brain. The tectum and the cerebral peduncles form the mid-brain. The forebrain is made of the diencephalon, cerebrum, meninges and cerebro-spinal fluid. A brain tumour or intracranial neoplasm is an abnormal growth of cells within the brain. The tumors are generally grouped on the basis of their grades. The grade of a tumor refers to the …show more content…

2.1.1 Based on their behavior Benign brain tumors do not contain cancerous cells. They can be removed and they seldom grow back. They have clearly defined border or edge and are not deeply rooted in the brain tissue. Therefore they can be removed easily through surgery. Cells from the benign tumors very rarely invade tissues around them.
Although benign tumours in other parts of the body can seem serious, they are generally not life threatening. However, even a benign brain tumour can be a serious health problem. Such tumours damage the cells around them by causing inflammation and putting increased pressure on the tissue under and around it as well as inside the skull. There are chances of them becoming malignant.
Malignant brain tumours are rather dangerous and contain cancerous cells. They are often a threat to life. They have a faster growth than benign tumours, also they aggressively invade the surrounding healthy brain tissue. The breakage of cancerous cells from malignant brain tumors can cause it to spread to other parts of the brain and the central nervous system.
Each year, more than 17,000 brain tumors are diagnosed in the United States. About half of all primary brain tumors are benign, but in life-threatening locations. The rest are malignant and

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