College Success Research Paper

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What can college success be defined as? Most factors lead to success in college, and identifying the positive influences is important to serve as a guide for college students who want to achieve their educational goals and to serve as a guide for parents who desire college education for their children. There are some people who believe that college is not worth it and should just get a job after high school. Then there are some people who believe that you should go to college right after high school because it would help them get a great job that pays more than those who do not go to college. However there are three factors that are most likely to lead to college success, such as motivation, being a role model, and future. The first reason is motivation because everyone has to be determined to go to college. Everyone needs to have the drive and push yourself everyday to go to college because anybody can say they will go to college and never end up going to college, and every year they could say, “I am going to go,” and never actually go. To also have your family and friends push you to go to college and get some type of education. To be able to not give up once you start to push yourself everyday to …show more content…

Back then it did not matter if they went to college or not it was not hard to find or get a job but, today you have to have that paper to get a better paying job. Even if you have a degree does not always mean you will get the job you want because there are others that went to school to get that degree too and will try to get the job you want too. The ones who have to go to work right after college maybe did not have a choice that they had to work and help support their family. But having that degree will help you have a better chance than getting a better job over a person who does not have that

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