College Students Dropout In The United States

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College is where people who want to pursue a higher education go to better themselves. Going to college is no walk in the park especially if you live away from home and out-of-state, Argument ably College is where someone actually finds themselves, but not everyone finishes college, some drop out but why? There are many reasons why college students drop out of school in United States. Such Factors as financial support, over worked, or unexpected life changing events would be the causes of a student wanting to drop out One of the main reasons that college dropout rates are high through the United States is because most students do not have a stable financial support. 9 times out of 10 if a person goes away from home to go to college they are young inexperienced and are lacking employment opportunity skills. Most dropouts happen due to not having enough money to pay for classes so an individual has to either return home and attend local more affordable colleges or “take a break” as some may say to find a job to pay for school. As stated in the Washington post when choosing between a degree and going to work, paying rent, buying groceries or …show more content…

In this day in age, people with children are starting to go back to college to get a better themselves, but most dropout because they have young children that needs a tremendous amount of attention and on top of working, school is just another thing holding them back from what’s really important. The issue with being a full-time student, worker, and parent is that a student may not have a suitable baby sitter to watch their child, which can have a huge issue that can make a student dropout. As stated in an article in the US News "Being a parent substantially increases the likelihood of leaving college with no degree, with 53% of parents vs. 31% of non-parents having left with no degree after six

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