Why Students Drop Out Of Southwest Essay

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Some students can't take all the work that the professors give out, and they either drop that class or drop out the whole semester. Student’s faces a lot of things in college that will make them drop out of southwest. Sometimes when the classes begin, and they get their first assignment it be too hard on them. I’ve learned, and talked to some people why they dropped out of southwest, some of they said the work was too hard. Others told me that they stopped playing for their education. And it was hard getting from home to school, and they dropped all their classes after a few weeks. I believe that the real reason why people stop coming to southwest is that college isn’t like high school.
It’s a lot of reason why students drop out of southwest. I’ve interviewed a lot of people that I know that have dropped out of southwest. Many of them told me that they couldn’t work, and go to school full time. So they dropped they classes, and worked full time. See a lot of people are ashamed of going to college, and dropping out because they don’t want to be talked about. Some students have car problems, and it’s hard for them to get to class on time. Having kids takes a lot of a person because they don’t have babysitters or they are too young to leave out the house yet. People be having …show more content…

Most student say that the professors give too much work. From my experience at southwest the professors don’t never explain the work out they just give it to you. And expect you to do it correctly, and don’t make no errors. Some students stop coming to southwest because people that picks them up doesn’t never be on time. Some people might have been pressured by their parents to come to southwest. For example some parent didn’t go to college, and they want their child to go to college even if the child doesn’t want to. I’ve looked on a website that stated that parent forces their children to go to

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