Is A College Education Worth It?

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“Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.”, a quote by Nelson Mandela. There are many people out there questioning college education, everybody has their own opinions. A college education supports us in many ways, more knowledge, more money and more jobs/networks to be involved in. We endure more through college education. In this world we live in we need successful people who are hard workers and have the education to run our country. Young adults in high school need to have a plan for when they graduate. They need to get into programs where they get prepared for their future. We need well educated people to problem solve and work to help everyone succeed. One reason of why college education is worth it is, earning more money. In the world we live in today everything gets more and more expensive each day. You need money to be able to provide for yourself and possibly …show more content…

I say a college education is worth it, others will say the a college education isn’t worth it. It is true that most colleges are overly expensive for many people. It is also true that college doesn’t always prepare you for hand-on experience, but there are ways to get over these downsides of college education. First of all, there are ways for you to get the price of the education down, such as; scholarships, save up, rent textbooks instead of buying, claim tax credits, explore the school’s fee structure, and look for ways to cut costs, etc. Second, you can search for your own hands-on experience elsewhere by volunteering. A college education gives you different knowledge. It is likely to make you more prosperous in your

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