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Most people have an interesting story about their past,learning about it lets you get to know the person better.I am interviewing my aunt, Ana Marie Lastimosa Macadangdang.I chose her because I wanted to know her experience about .In 1985 Ana was born and raised in Philippines.She lived with her father ,mother,and 6 sisters until her mother died from sickness.She came here to America by plane and she is now 31 years old and lives in Rodeo, CA.

Leaving the Old Country

"I wasn't planning on coming to America,but my family was there so I had no choice.I also knew that if I came here I would have a good future .My life in the Philippines wasn't hard, since I was the youngest I didn't have much problems.My family didn't have much money, but we did have a lot
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They became a couple and got married a few years later and had a son named Kyle and Adrian."We moved a couple times , going to San Pablo,then to El Sobrante ,to Hercules , and now we live in Rodeo. "

Problems in the New Country Ana has lived in California for 18 years and doesn't have much problems. "I don't have a lot of problems here.I just get homesick sometimes,I miss the food ,my friends and relatives in the Philippines,and the things you can do there that you can't do here in America.But other than that my life here is fine."

She also plans on becoming a U.S citizen but she doesn't have the time to do it because she had to take care of her children."Im not an American citizen, but I do plan on becoming one.Hopefully this year I could become one if I can afford to file a citizenship."

Learning about my aunties past was an exciting experience.I was fascinated by her story about coming to America.I expected her life to be a bit hard since I knew they didn't have much.Im also happy I did this essay because I got a chance to know about my aunt better
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