Company Overview Of The Kroger

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Kroger Company
The Kroger Company is an American retailer based in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was founded in 1883 by Bernad Kroger. The Kroger is currently the largest supermarket chain in the United States by revenue, which as for the fiscal year 2015 was at $109.83 billion. Kroger is also ranked second largest retailer behind Wal-Mart. The company has a total of 2,774 supermarkets and other retail stores scattered in over 34 states. Its store formats include superstores, the supermarkets, department stores, jewelry stores, convenience stores, and grocery stores. The company also runs a total of 37 food processing facilities, and 2,122 pharmacies. Kroger is also ranked as the fifth largest retailer in the world. The high achievements …show more content…

In the first part of the book, Underhill talks about the transition zone. He defines it as the area, just inside the doors, where shoppers adjust their minds from outside into the interior of the store. According to Underhill, this area is an ineffective selling space for retailers (43). This is because, while in the transition area, a lot goes on in the customer’s mind and most of the products or advertisement banners placed on this space goes unnoticed. The situation changes if these products or signs are moved a few meters ahead. A study of customer flow patterns within the store can also help in determining where to place the best selling products and adjacencies in order to maximize sales. In most of Kroger supermarkets, discounted products are placed at the transition zone for the purpose of slowing the shoppers down. Underhill also argues that the total amount of time a shopper spends in a store directly correlates to the total money the customer will …show more content…

This key point talks about how shoppers react to shopping environments. It requires retailers to do some research and determine what their shoppers love. For example, a shopper is always interested in touching the product. This allows them to have a firsthand experience with the product before they can buy it. This is usually achieved through tasting, touching, smelling, and hearing (Underhill 172). This key point has been widely adopted and successfully implemented by the Kroger Company in different stores. For example, customers can fit their clothes and shoes before they buy it. This raises customer confidence and also helps in increasing sales. According to Underhill, mirrors also help in slowing the shoppers down. Although different stores have employed the use of mirrors, not all are reaping the full benefits. Mirrors are a crucial sales tool when it comes to items such as cosmetics, clothes, and jewelry, and hey also require to be placed at the right places. Discounts and customer recognition also helps make the shoppers feel more

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