Compare And Contrast Blaxploitation Movies

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The films Rocky (1976) and Live and Let Die (1973) were made during a Hollywood era called Blaxploitation. Blaxploitation films were made in the early 1970s and specifically attracted an urban black audience. Even though they were meant for a specific audience, Blaxploitation films soon gained recognition from all audiences. These two films fit in to this classification of Blaxploitation because both of these films take place in black communities. Taking place in these communities allow these films to appeal to the black community. Many Blaxploitation films tend to have this aspect; films like Shaft, Super Fly and Foxy Brown all take place in mainly black communities. These two films express similar ideas but differ in their genre; Rocky is …show more content…

This is because he works as a secret agent or a spy for the government. He is equipped with many expensive gadgets, which are used to take down bad guys. In this text Bond is sent to investigate a Harlem drug lord that has connection to Caribbean. The Caribbean is being used as a farming place for heroin poppy plants. Both these films contain underlying similarities and differences that become apparent while deciphering the text. The main similarity is between the film Rocky (1976) and the film Live and Let Die (1973) is that they are both texts that respond to the Blaxploitation movement of film. In both these movies we see a white protagonist fighting against a smart black antagonists. Like Blaxploitation films these black character are smart and in control. The major aspect we see in theses responding films is that usually the black characters overcome a there problems in Blaxploitation films but, in there films we see the powerful black characters being subdued by white characters. However there are some differences in the films and the way they depict the struggle between the protagonist and the

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