Compare And Contrast Brazil And The Truman Show

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The Truman show and Brazil were opposite in their vision of a city. The Truman show depicted a utopian city that was structured on new urbanism principles and had no security issues, while the movie, Brazil, depicted a dystopian unsafe city with high security. In addition, the actors in both movies had no urban privacy.

Each of the movies portrayed either a utopian or dystopian vision of a city. A utopian city is a place of an ideal perfection in terms of safety, friendliness, cleanliness and everything is pleasant as possible. Dystopian city, on the contrary, is a darker place where crime rises and society becomes dehumanized. The first movie, The Truman show, had all the qualities of a utopian city. Truman Burbank, the main actor, lived in a coastal city called Utopia. The city was built for him since his birth, even the people who lived in the city were actors without Truman knowing it. A childhood trauma left Truman frightened of sailing …show more content…

In the first movie, The Truman show, at the first half of the movie it seemed like Truman enjoyed a good amount of urban privacy, for example, he and his wife had their own utopian house with a green front yard and a white wooden fence. Nonetheless, not until the second half of the movie it was revealed that all Truman movements, action, childhood and personal life was recorded by thousands of cameras around the city and then it was broadcasted on TV for the whole world to see. Truman was living in a Hollywood studio set without him knowing. Therefore, his privacy both urban and personal were harassed on daily passes. On the second movie, Brazil the government had the data of all its population. All personal information were recorded by the Ministry of Information. Moreover, apartments were constantly raided and urban privacy was violated. For example, The Ministry of Information had an administrative error and mistakenly raided a house of an innocent man with his family

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