Compare And Contrast Christopher Columbus And Native Americans

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In 1492, a Spaniard called Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean seeking the new world or the Indies and found modern day country Dominican Republic. When he got there the inhabitants, the Native Americans, spoke a different language and had a different culture. Columbus decided to call them “Indians” since he thought he had found India. When he got to know and understand the “Indians”, he started enslaving and using them to find gold and goods and steal them to take it to the Queen of Spain(nationalgeographic). Columbus told the King and Queen he had converted the natives to Catholicism so that they thought he was progressing in his trip and would donate more funds for more expeditions. These historical events in the new world relate to the …show more content…

Some of those were the conversion of inhabitants to Catholicism and gold. Instead of crossing the Indian waters, Columbus got to the Caribbean and stopped on an island which he thought was India. Instead of finding India he found a Caribbean island that is now day country Dominican Republic which was inhabited by native americans that he later on called “indians”. When he got to know the native americans and understand them, he started using them and making exchanges for goods and gold for his king and queen in …show more content…

For example, unequal treatment made to haitians by the Dominicans as done to the Natives by Columbus and his crew. Both of their needs and treatments are not met, the natives were mistreated and tortured by the Spaniards in order for them to find gold, and the Haitians are not given the right to a medical treatment, education, or citizenship. They were both also put to work on harsh hours and conditions in a low paying manner. Both populations have decreased due to death of illness transmitted by their lack of hygiene and medicine. None are given any rights, the Haitians are banned from their rights and are taken away from their homes and comfort and forced to live in construction sites as well as the Native's homes were taken away or destroyed in order to find their goods and steal them. Both were also forced to either convert to the other’s religion or adapt to the culture in order to try to fit

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