What Are The Similarities Between Democrats And Republicans

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Democrats and Republicans: All for One The United States (U.S) democratic ideology is attributed in factor to the formation of two political parties, so that checks and balances are maintained within politics. The Democratic Party, the older of the two parties is based on the philosophy of the government protecting and guiding the citizens. The Democrats believe in individual rights of the citizens and that American citizens should have the right to liberty, privacy, justice, equal opportunity and other things with the aid of the “big government” dogma. On the other hand, the Republican Party is based on decentralized government and restricted powers. It supports the idea of big business and being socially conservative. Key social issues and …show more content…

Even though both parties are pro tax cuts, they differ in views as to who the cuts should apply to. For the Republicans, they believe that tax cuts should be for everyone, people of all income status and all corporations. On the contrary, the Democrats support the tax cuts for lower and middle income class families and the taxes should be raised higher on the wealthy and big corporations. However, tax cuts are not where the two parties are very opposite, it is something else: social issues. Republicans tend to oppose gay marriage, abortion and support the right of gun ownership, thus making themselves socially conservative. On the other hand, the Democrats favor gay marriage, abortion and support stricter gun ownership laws. The Democrats and Republicans are total opposites socially: liberal and the later conservative. The stance on foreign policy is the key difference between the two parties. The Republicans favor big military and overspending on military, whereas the Democrats want a smaller military and a controlled and deficit budget. Both parties have very distinguished views on these key issues, thus making a distinction between

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