Compare And Contrast Gandhi And Malcolm X

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Two Men one title In life rather one defines themselves as atheist, agnostic, or commits to certain sect of religion, all, even the most dullest person at one time in their life questions the world they behold inside of himself or the world that surrounds them. Some even utilize their inward worlds to change the world surrounding them. Even though the worlds appearance deems silent to most; it screams to humanity that it is indeed in need of change. Leaders like Gandhi and Malcolm x heard this wail of urgency and acted upon it. The ways they acted upon it, however, is what validates their differences. Both men have impacted the world we live in tremendously. Malcolm x, who was muslim, did not promote violence but granted justification …show more content…

The Civil rights activist was born fourth in a line of eight and was an inhabitant of Omaha, Nebraska. His mother was a homemaker and his father was a preacher whom also was an affiliate of The Universal Negro Improvement Association. Even as a toddler the recklessness of encounters with the Klu Klux Klan wrecked the young Malcolm's chastity. At the age four his father made the choice to move the Lansing, Michigan; Where unfortunately the racism did not only presume but increased in negativity. Their house was burned to the ground by a mob of prejudice whites. If that is not shocking enough; the white police force and firefighters sat, watched, and refused to provide assistance in putting out the inferno. To make matter worse on the subject of whites of the Little family Earl Little, Malcolm's father, was found deceased on the municipal streetcar tracks. The family could have guaranteed that the tragic event was the cause of continued hate from the whites. The state declared it a suicide, thus depriving the family of the life insurance policy Little had purchased incase of his death. Much like the calamity of his father's death Xs innocence to racism had no

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