Compare And Contrast Malcolm X And Mahatma Gandhi

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Malcolm X and Mahatma Gandhi were two incredible men, both fighting for independence among their people. These distinctly different men were among the strongest fighters who set foot in authority. Malcolm X, an African-American leader spread religion to combat the weakening of his fellow African-Americans, as well as to expand the supporters of Muslim beliefs. Mahatma Gandhi, a leader in India’s independence movement from the British, weakened British rule through civil resistance. While Malcolm X and Gandhi both fought for their people’s freedom, their religion, beliefs, and methods for achieving independence differ in certain aspects but also have similar elements. Malcolm X and Mahatma Gandhi both took approaches to religion that characterize …show more content…

Although both men did an excellent job recruiting members as well as preaching their ideas I believe Malcolm X was superior due to the fact that he gained much of his support within a much shorter time period compared to Gandhi who gradually gained his followers. Both men reached a large collection of followers but Malcolm X’s language from different situations in his life helped accumulate a larger crowd making him more of a popular threat towards his opposition. Malcolm X’s attitude towards the white man pertaining to violence is what makes him superior to gandhi who was taught only to be a pacifist. The aggression from the African-Americans is what helped them gain independence in a shorter period of time compared to the lengthy process of Gandhi. Gandhi’s marches and fasts were extremely effective and brought thousands of people together to unite to eliminate a common British control, but the effectiveness of Malcolm X’s power growing to beyond his control, was a leading factor in fighting for independence. Both of these men fought a tremendous opponent and won effectively, due to their persistence with religion and following their beliefs, and thats what makes these men some of our strongest fighters world

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