Compare And Contrast Hoagland Vs Gallhorn

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Hoagland V. Gellhorn Edward Hoagland and Martha Gellhorn had similarities between their experiences in wars, but but there are many more differences. Hoagland and Gellhorn were both writers with unique writing styles. Martha Gellhorn is a more straightforward and statistical writer, unlike Hoagland who is an emotional and irregular writer. The three things that can be compared between Hoagland and Gellhorn are their war experiences, guilt trips, and attitude towards war. During Gellhorns time at war she was never involved directly. Through close analysis of her work readers can tell that she only observed war. Although she had traveled to many small villages around the war zones, and saw the effect it had on the people, it did not give her …show more content…

Gellhorn believed that war was bad because of the effect it had on the native people in the country. On the other hand, she believed war was alright in other aspects. Gellhorn only worried about the children and families affected by the gun fire and napalm attacks. The way she begins her writing makes the readers believe that she is completely opposed to war, which draws the readers in. She has hidden her underlying support for the war within her writing. Unlike Gellhorns view on war Hoagland has a more stereotypical view on why more boys should join and why it should continue. Hoagland believes that more boys should join the army for the experience and the friendships. The way Hoagland opposes the war in the beginning of his writing confuses the readers later on. Hoagland's wishy washy opinion on what makes the reader believe that he is just a person whining about war for no reason. The writer that makes the most sense with their views is Gellhorn. Her view on war are the same as most Americans during almost every war. People feel that war is good until the civilians get injured and children are crying. Gellhorns writing is a reflection of the populations

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