Compare And Contrast Immigration And Western Immigration

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There a few ways how the Western Frontier and Immigration are the same. And there are a few differences as well.
In 1750 the colonists were most living in New England, it took them over a decade to travel towards the Appalachians Mountains. It took them a few hundred miles from the Atlantic coast and over 50yrs to push the frontiers to the Mississippi river. The Western Frontiers continued moving steadily westward towards Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio Valley and The Deep South because of the growing nation needed more space for the new growing population and natural resources. They feared the areas of vast deserts, rugged mountains, and indian tribes. They displaced Native Americans, Mexicans and Canadians along their journey. In 1783 the Treaty Of Paris was …show more content…

Immigration has been around for centuries. From the time period of slaves being transported over and Mexicans coming over to America. In 1790, the Congress passed the Naturalization Act that effectively limited immigration. In 1822 the Chinese Exclusion Act which made immigration for china illegal. The United States was concerned about the moral composition and the population. In 1872 and 890 Congress passed laws restricting illegal immigration of people, criminals, prostitutes, mentally ill and unstable people. Over the years the immigration scale has been broken and is trying to be restored. Even though the U.S border is well secured. Today the U.S has over 42.1 million immigrants.

The Western Frontier and Immigration have a few similarities and differences. Western Frontiers had to move because of their population kept increasing and find bigger areas to where they can settle.. While immigrants moved to make a better living for themselves and their families. They both had to travel a far distance just to get to where they were going and start over fresh. But immigration is illegal and the Western frontiers were just

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