Compare And Contrast Marie And Christopher Columbus

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Introduction Paragraph- How would you like to have the life of Columbus and Marie. Christopher Columbus and Marie Currie both love their jobs. Many kids ask why are people so different well this essay will tell you how people are different. They came from to different time periods and strived for different things. Columbus was an explorer and Marie Curie was a great scientist along with her husband. They all died to tragic disease though and that is why we need to stop disease spread. They were both way to young when they left us. So sad and we miss them and what they have done for this country. Marie won Two nobel prizes and Christopher Columbus found America for crying out loud are country he is the founder of our country even though some people don’t think he is. …show more content…

They both are crazy because Christopher Columbus was salary he got all these type of disease. and he wipe his butt with a rope and Marie Curie she shandy radioactive waste thore her moth. Marie and Christopher were both explores. They both were married and had kids. Differences- One lived in spain and the other lived in france christopher died when he was 54 and curie died when she was in her 60s. Cuire got a nobel prize and christopher columbus didn't christopher found america instead. Christopher died by diseases, Marie died by a chemical she took radioactive toxins she took in. cuire lost her husband and columbas didn’t lose his wife, or

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